Pasting images causing freezing

Hi all,

Hoping someone may be able to assist with a current issue i have. I've recently got a new laptop with windows 10, and now when i copy and image from a powerpoint presentation, and paste into a storyline file, it often freezes and doesn't repair itself. it's not every picture, and it's not everytime, just as and when it feels like it.

I've also noticed that since having the new laptop, the files now copy over as .emf. could it be to do with the new picture format, and can it be changed so they paste in as .jpg everytime?


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Ren Gomez

Hi Ross,

Sorry to hear that Storyline keep freezing on you! You can save the picture as a .jpg, then insert it into Storyline, but that's an extra step that seems unnecessary.

I tried to replicate copying a .emf file from PPT into Storyline 360 in Windows 10 and didn't come across any errors. Is your PowerPoint a desktop version?

Can you try repairing Storyline 360 and see if that helps? If you find Storyline continuing to freeze, reach out to one of our support engineers and we'll help troubleshoot your setup to see if we can find the culprit!

Katie Riggio

Hi there, Samantha. So sorry you've encountered this!

This one has been a tough one for us to identify and recreate. I reached out to our Support Engineers, where they'll be in touch with you on next steps by email shortly!

I'll follow along so I can share any important information with the community!

Kerry O'Rourke

Hi Articulate Support Engineers,

Do to my companies policies and procedures, as well as the sensitive nature of the course material, I am not able to share my course with you. The issue I encountered is the exact same as the individual who started the post two months ago. I have uninstalled before the Windows upgrade and had the software reinstalled after the Windows upgrade to Windows 10 was complete. This issue has been a problem ever since the upgrade. Please reach out to the person who originally posted on E Learning Heroes or the multiple other people who commented stating they have encountered the same issue (example: EJ Lablanc).

Thank you.

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Vincent Scoma

Hi Kerry, 

I can understand your concern! Anything shared with our team in a Support Case is kept confidential, and we regularly remove user files from our systems. Our team is also happy to sign an NDA upon request.

I did go ahead and open a Support Case for you so our team can provide further insights on this! 

David Driscoll

This is a very common bug. I have three separate computers, one a Dell, one a ThinkPad, and one a super gaming computer Alienware Area 51. 360 intermittently freezes on all copy/paste from PowerPoint regardless of install/reinstall or versioning and has done so for about the last year or so. As a matter of fact, I came to post here because it just froze and I have to shut everything down and restart 360!

Some tips:

SAVE OFTEN. Even with the autosave feature, you might have to restart and come back a number of slides or steps back in development.

CP or Download. As it is intermittent, I sometimes gamble. But the best way to do it is to save an image, and then insert it.

Clear your Clipboard. There is a macro you can snag that clears your clipboard out. This sometimes helps but has done so less in the past months.

Not being able to CP disrupts flow and is not time effective, but when you save the image, you may be better off. Currently, I just save often and get annoyed when it freezes up, and just say, oh well, its Articulate being Articulate again!

Lauren Connelly

Hi David!

I can understand what a pain that must be! Since you're using multiple computers, how are you sharing the project with each?

I looked through similar cases and I found a common fix! Saving the file to a local drive first and then working on it in Storyline 360 eliminated the freezing/crashing. 

I see that others in this discussion submitted a case to our Support Engineers to receive 1:1 support. You can use this link to begin working with our Engineers too!

Angelique Summerset

I've been having the same issue with Storyline 360 this morning. When I do a CTRL-Paste, it has frozen up on me twice, I've had to use Task Manager to close out of it each time. Thankfully, the re-work has been minimal, but it's re-work, nonetheless. Instead of copy-pasting in images, I have found that directly inserting seems what Storyline likes best. 

Lauren Connelly

Hi Angelique!

I'm happy to help!

  • Are you seeing Storyline freeze up in every project or just this one? 
  • Also, have you tried importing the file into a new project?

If it's every project, I'd recommend a simple repair for Storyline 360! That usually does the trick when these types of issues occur.

If you want to share your file so we can test it on our end, you can either attach it to this discussion or upload it to us using this private upload link. 

Mark Colomb

Among other issues with Storyline 360 (Case #02223895Case #02223895 which still has not been resolved), I am having this same issue as well. Has the support team found a solution?

The "save often" options (because of the previous problem) is not a solution for me.

Working with Windows 10 (same computer and OS I have always had,  Updated Storyline yesterday.

Santiago Franichevic

This is a very common problem (for me), still is happening since several months, and different updates and computers (from my old Lenovo T420 to my new Lenovo P53).  The "local solutions" are the same, not use copy paste from PPT, what I do an intermediate step, copy the picture from PPT to Paint, and from Paint to Storyline.  Is not the best but I don't believe Articulate will find a solution for this.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Mark and Santiago!

I'm not able to recreate this error on my end. I'm interested to see if it's only a specific set/type of images that cause Storyline 360 to crash. Are you noticing this in every project? Also, have you tried copying the same photo from another location?

I understand how frustrating this is to have Storyline crash when pasting images. I appreciate any details you can provide so we can nail the culprit!

Nora Regis


This (Storyline 360 freezing when I copy and paste an image from PPT on a Windows 10 machine) is also happening to me. At first it was sporadic, and now it is every image. It seems to happen more, however, when I'm pasting onto a layer. I have to shut down Storyline through the task manager. I've tried reinstalling Storyline 360. I cleared my clipboard data. I tried starting a new project and importing it. I'm at a loss for what else to try.

Katie Riggio

Greetings, Nora!

You did all the right things, and I'm sorry to hear that the freezing won't stop. Some quick tactics:

  • Because reinstalling didn't cut it, let's try an easy Storyline 360 repair. Here's how ↩︎
  • If the freezing is still there, a more robust repair could help. Here's how ↩︎

If either approach doesn't help, would you be willing to connect with our Engineers through this link? Our team will dig in and let you know what they uncover!