Paths, triggers and slide layers

Oct 27, 2014

Dear E-Learning Heroes,

I was wondering if it was possible to set a trigger to start the timeline of a slide showing a particular layer depending on the slide you are coming from.

Concretely, I have 2 ways to end up on a slide, and, depending on which one, I would like to display a different layer to start the timeline.

Any clues? Many thanks!


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Steve Flowers

Hi Théane -

This is really pretty easy. You'll want to use a variable. This can be called what you want. It can also be a number or text variable (a t/f would work if there were only 2 choices).

On the slide your coming from, set this variable to something you'll recognize. So, for example, if the slide is blue yourVariable=blue. If the slide is red, yourVariable=red.

On the slide you want to vary, create two triggers:

  • Show layer X when the timeline starts if yourvariable=blue
  • Show layer X when the timeline starts if yourvariable=red

This way, it will examine the variable (set by the slide they came from) and show the right layer when the timeline begins.

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