Pause and Play with AND without the Seek Bar

May 06, 2015

I need help and advice on the use of seek bar, i.e. two conditions being required in the same course:

condition 1: absence of seek bar (often appearing distracting to the learner) yet still offer the learner the chance of pause of the play of the timeline so that he/she can be intervened during the learning and select pause (I know how to remove the seek bar but I don't know how to offer the option of pause and play );

condition 2: presence of seek bar during narration (this is not an issue, but having listed here just to show that condition 1 and 2 are required in the same storyline project).

Thanks for the advice in advance!

Vincent Lau

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Vincent - If I am understanding your question correctly, I wanted to note that the seekbar and the Play/Pause button are the same item (as in, you can't have one or the other), so you may want to look into creating a custom play/pause button on your slides. You could achieve this by creating a shape/button, and adding a play/pause timeline trigger to it. Hope this helps, and you can feel free to share your file here so we can assist you further. 

Vincent Lau

Hi Christie,
Sorry that my articulation was not clear that seems to have led the
mis-understanding of my question. I was not referring to the slide control
but the player control.
Is it possible that I could replace the seek bar (a long rectangular button
and area that indicator grows/or moves to the right until the end of each
slide) with just a small play/pause stationary button , and if yes, how to
do it?

Vincent Lau

Emily Ruby

Hi Vincent,

For your 1st Condition, You will not be able to replace the Player control Seekbar with a small play/pause button. You can only remove the whole thing (seekbar + play pause button) from the Player properties.

If you only need a play/pause button on your slides, you could create a custom button to control the pause/play of the  timeline of each slide.

For you condition 2, if you need the built in seekbar for certain slides with narration, you can add this in on slide level using the slide properties (the gear icon in the lower right hand corner)


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