'Pause Audio' actually stops audio in HTML5. As does Pause timeline.

I simply want to be able to pause the timeline (that includes animation and audio) and then resume it from the point that I paused it, in the HTML5 output.

I've tried 'Pause timeline' and 'Pause timeline of Base layer'. Both of these work fine in the Flash output i.e. the timeline pauses and the audio pauses. Then I call resume timeline and the animation  and audio continues.

In HTML5 however, the resume doesn't work correctly. The timeline continues from the paused point, but the audio starts again from the beginning.

Is there a way around this?

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Emily Ruby

Hello Nick!

Unfortunately I was not able to reproduce this from my end. Using the Pause timeline trigger and resume timeline trigger worked as expected. Please confirm that you are working locally as described here. Be sure to view your content in its intended environment. If you published for Web or LMS, upload your content to a server for proper viewing

Also,  please make sure that you are using the latest update for Storyline that can be found here.