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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Roxanne!

The Play button next to the seekbar controls the timeline of the entire slide, not just the audio. You may want to add a custom Play button to the slide with this trigger:

Play media [select audio file] when user clicks Button 1.

That way, the audio file will not play until the user clicks the custom Play button. Will that work for you?

Roxanne May

We figured out how to do this, just in case others are interested... We put in a trigger to "Pause Timeline on this Slide when timeline starts," and it will pause the audio. You will then have to click the "Play" button beside the seekbar to play the slide/audio. Easy Peezy. And it's now 508 compliant.

Vikram Verma

Hey Alyssa and Roxanne,

Thanks for the solution, but my concern is, are there any ways to apply triggers over the seekbar for pausing or stopping the media files running in the background. I am facing this issue while articulating one slide containing multiple audios. There is a introductory audio at the beginning of slide and other audios are attached to buttons present over there. After selecting any button, if we click on the seekbar, the introductory audio also starts running in the background at the same time.