Pause base layer option not working on ipad


I have a layer that shows up on my lesson as expected, but the base layer continues to play, even though I have set the "Pause Timeline of Base Layer" option.

This is happening on the iPad, both in Chrome and Safari.  Before you ask - I cannot use the storyline player for ipad because I have to use Javascript in my lessons.  I am using Storyline 2.

Can anyone advise how/if this can be fixed? 

Thanks very much in advance!


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Emily Ruby

Hello Terry,

You may want to look at these articles on Mobile Safari. 

Mobile Safari can only play one media can play at a time  . As a result, we don't recommend adding multiple audio or video resources to the same slide if your learners will be viewing HTML5 content in mobile Safari on iPads/iPhones. This limitation in mobile Safari can also impact step-by-step screen recordings if they include both audio and video components.

You can also add the file here if you would like us to take a look and test this on an iPad.

Terry Bell

Thanks Emily,

I don't think that was the issue with me (no media, just text).  I tried a number of things, but I think what finally worked was to move the trigger to launch the 'pause' layer away from the beginning of the slide.  

It seems to work now, and I really like the effect.

Have a good day,