Pause both layer and base layer with seekbar pause?

May 25, 2017


I am experimenting with creating my own closed captions layer using Storyline 2. I've basically just created a layer that appears at the bottom of the slide based on a variable (whether the learner has selected to view the closed captions).

The problem I am running into, though, is that if the learner pauses the timeline of the base layer using the pause button on the seekbar, it doesn't pause the closed caption layer that I'm using. 

I tried selecting the Allow Seeking in the layer settings, and then to have it set as Resume saved state; but with those selected, when I pause using the seekbar, it pauses the closed caption layer, and the graphics and text on the base layer continue to appear. 

Is there any way to sync the timeline of both layers so that they both pause and resume by using the seekbar? 

I've attached a single slide from my project to show an example. 


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Katie,

The timelines of the base layer and of the slide layer are independent of each other, and the pause button will pause either the base layer or the slide layer.

Have you seen these ideas for adding closed captioning to your course?

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