Pause button doesn't work for animations brought in as a web object


We have a lot of legacy Flash animations that we now need to bring into Storyline courses that we publish as HTML5 for iOS devices.

The animation test plays well in Storyline 2, it was created in Flash CC using the HTML canvas, but the big drawback so far is that the pause button on the Storyline player does not pause the animation when it has been brought in as a Web object.

Is there a way to do this with the built-in navigation? Or, do I need to build a custom pause button?

If I need a custom pause button, any tips on how to create that?



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Karen! Your web object will not be in sync with the timeline and that is why you are having difficulty with the player functionality. I invite you to check out the solution on this thread shared by Andre as it may be able to assist you.

Otherwise, hopefully someone in the community can help you with this design.

karen forkish

Hi Leslie,

Thanks so much for your message. I read through the thread you provided, and while it is a very similar problem, the solution that works for video, isn't working for my HTML5 animation.

I downloaded the .story file that was part of that thread, and thought it was a great fix, but when I substituted my web object for the .wmv video in the example, it didn't work.

I will look into creating a pause button on the animation itself, in Edge Animate, before inserting it as a web object.

Thanks again.