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I used the pause button in the player, published the whole thing and now, when reviewing this, i noticed on 1 slide (with multiple layers), that pause button does not show up when the timeline is running. It remains a "play" button. When clicking this play-button, the timeline starts again from the beginning. How can I change it so the behavior for this one slide is the same as on all other slides, so the player pause button appears and can be used?



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Vincent Pincaro

Hi, Mr. Hendrix!  Welcome to E-Learning Heroes Community.

I understand that as you have attempted to publish your material, there is no pause button on one of the slides having multiple layers.  You've noticed that this is not the same as the other slides and it can be an inconvenience.  The base layer is the way to pause. 

I have a recommendation to help get you efficient again with your work. Here's a workaround:

  • Make use of a layer to have the option to pause. You can open up a layer having a pause button with a trigger. Go ahead and set the layer properties to "pause timeline of base layer."  On the new layer, place a new "play button" as you close. 

I am hoping this works for you.

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