Pause in timeline, restart with spacebar

May 24, 2018

This may sound like a simple problem but I cannot find the solution. I want to put pause in the timeline and restart the time in a simple way: Pause when reaching a marker and press "spacebar" to continue. Any simple way to add this to several location per slide in a few hundred slides ? if possible no extra button to click on the screen.


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Walt Hamilton

I went to the Master of an already created slide and added these three triggers to the Master Layout.


I had to create two cue points at random spots on the Master timeline.

When I went back to the slide and set cue points on it, the timeline paused. When I slide the cue points around, the timeline stopped at the new locations of the cue points. In all cases, pressing space bar resumed the timeline.

Warning: This will take some advance planning. If the slide has the same number of cue points as the Master, slide cue points override the Master. If the slide has fewer, the timeline stops at the slide cues first, then the remaining Master cues. If the slide has more, the extras are ignored.

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