How to Pause Layer Prior to Next Layer Displaying?

I have a slide that a learner needs to click each icon before moving to the next page. After each icon's state changes to "Visited", the last layer (which is a dialog box) shows. The dialog box displays a Next button to move onto the next page. My question is - can this layer with the dialog box be delayed so the learner has time to review the slide prior to moving on? 

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Walt Hamilton

Short answer is yes. but the real answer is "How are you going to know how long to wait?' You can always show the last layer when the one before it reaches xx seconds, but that leaves you guessing as to how many seconds is long enough for everybody, but not too long for anybody.There is no good answer.

The best solution is to let the dialog box show on the last layer, and the learner can click Next when they are ready.