Pause media vs. Pause Timeline

May 25, 2020

Can someone explain the difference between pausing media (video) on a base layer and pausing the timeline. Here's the situation...
I have a base layer playing a video. I want to pause it at several cue points for pop up boxes to come out and highlight key points. The pop out boxes appear on other layers and I want them to appear when the video pauses at designated cue points. It works for the first one, but then after that the timing is all off. I think I figured out that my trigger which paused the video doesn't pause the timeline, but I am confused by that and hope someone can shed some light on how that works. 


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Walt Hamilton

The slide(base) has a timeline. Everything on the slide has its own timeline. You can set events to happen when the timeline of an object starts, which can be useful if the object shows up after the slide timeline starts. A trigger to initiate an action when the timeline of the object starts doesn't have to be changed if you move the object along the timeline.

If you pause the timeline on the slide, it also pauses the timeline on everything else. If you pause the timeline on the video, it stops playing, but the timelines of everything else keep moving.

If the video starts when the slide first starts, the timeline of the slide and the video are in synch, and if you pause the slide timeline, they stay synched.

Melissa McDaniel

I just want to thank you for asking this question and Walt for answering. This is exactly what I was struggling with last night and finally just had to go to bed and hope for fresh eyes this morning. I needed to figure out how to ask this question without sharing any files since there is highly sensitive information inside my video I didn't want it posted. As always, someone in this community has already asked my question and the members/staff have once again pulled through with an explanation if no suggestion for a solution.  

I felt a need to offer my thanks since I almost never need to ask my own questions to get a solution to my problems. Thank you to EVERYONE in this community; the information sharing is invaluable and you may never really know how many are being helped because they never need to ask!


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