Pause/Play Timeline

Sep 17, 2014

Hi - I have a project that has audio files attached to multiple layers of slides. I need to be able to have the user pause if necessary.

Here are my issues:

1. If I add pause/play buttons with triggers, the audio stops running automatically - instead the user has to press the PLAY button each time. Also, the play button recommences the whole audio file, rather than starting where it left off.

2. I want to be able to pause everything that's going on - not just the audio - otherwise, what's happening on the screen doesn't match with what's happening in the audio when it recommences.

3. I could use the SEEKBAR but the client doesn't want users to be able to scroll out to the end of the timeline....

Is there any way I can build in a pause/play button for each slide, on each layer, that will stop the presentation wherever it is and then start it again from that same point?

If not, is it possible in Storyline 2?

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Helen Davis

check pause base layer timeline. Make sure the layer is transparent and still shows the base layer (default settings work fine). That should pause all the animations on the base layer including media if you also add a second trigger that says pause media.

Then to unpause, copy the pause button from the base layer. Remove the base layer triggers, and add hide layer when user clicks trigger.

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