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Nov 20, 2015

Hi everyone!  I'm a bit of a newbie and so I need some help.  I'm using Storyline 2.

I have very long video clips (approx. 10 minutes each for a total of about an hour) that I am trying to break up with "popup" questions during the video based on what the speaker is talking about.  I have very specific spots in the video (marked with cue points) where I want my question to pop up, user to choose an answer and when they get it right, go back to the video and continue playing.  The first question in a video is working great, but the timing for the 2nd, 3rd etc are off.  The question will pop up before the speaker in the video is talking about that point.   I am positive my cue points are marked correctly. 

I have tried this two ways:

First way is have the video in a base layer and the pop ups in the slide layers.

Base layer trigger: Show layer A when timeline reaches Cue Point #1.  Last layer in question sequence has two triggers: play media when user clicks button; hide this layer when user clicks the same button.  Repeat for all question layers.

The second way I have tried it is using different slides.  Video is in Slide 1.  Trigger: Lightbox Slide 2 [the question slide] when timeline reaches Cue Point #1.  Last slide in lightbox has trigger to close lightbox when button is clicked.

It doesn't seem to matter if I add to slide 1 a trigger to pause timeline at cue point #1 or pause media at cue point #1.  By the time you get to cue point #2 the question is popping up too early which means the media wasn't really paused during the time the learner was answering question #1.

Some thoughts for a solution I have had: Do I need to just cut my videos at each question and make each clip several pieces corresponding to my popup questions?  Is there a way to do it with variables (though I don't know what)?  Is there a way to restart the media when not on that layer?  I saw something in the discussion boards about a shape off the slide to hook things to?




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