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Walt Hamilton

The two easiest ways SL can keep track of one timeline while running another are using layers or lightboxes. Either one will pause the original timeline, then resume it when closed without you needing to do anything.

Otherwise, you have to pause the timeline, jump to the video, and jump back to the original slide. If you set it to return to saved state, chances are good that most of the time the timeline will resume from that point.

My personal opinion is that a lightbox is by far the easiest method: one trigger (lightbox slide XXX), and everything else just works the way you want it to.

Chris Stowe

So, I was going to use lightbox but decided not to for some reason.  I like the light box but it didn't give me that ability to scroll the video if needed.  I actually used some triggers with variables.  So, paused the slide trigger and then when the video slide was visited, that triggered a variable to allow the timeline to start running again.