Pause timeline of any layer by btn

Mar 02, 2014

How can I Pause timeline of any layer by button.

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Till Then

Repost of my answer here (

 I always liked having a Paused layer.

You can use layers to pause the timeline of slide. On the Base Layer have Button and Trigger that shows the PAUSE layer when the timeline starts.

Then on your PAUSE layer just have a button that hides the layer !

Let me know if you need an example !

Till then

Stephan Sinka

CORRECTION- Your title states Pause  timeline of ANY LAYER!!!! This is pausing ONLY the base slide.

I have a slide with 5 layers each triggered from the base slide. I need to be able to pause all of these individual layers ( or even replay them) from within the layer itself. Any IDEAS?

( Ideas other than separating the layers into individual slides! Each layer has a series of animations and presents further information about topics introduced on the base slide.)

Emily Ruby

Hello Stephan,

In Storyline 1, there is not a trigger to pause the timeline on the layers other than the base layer. If you are using a seekbar, you could set the layers to allow seeking, and upon revisiting resume saved state. Then when it is paused with the seekbar, it will resume to that spot when the layer is re opened.

Stephan Sinka

Believe it or Not...I found a solution and I CAN Pause a layer or replay a layer, either one but not both to the same layer.

Creating a Replay button from within the layer

1.       Create an “empty” layer called Replay Layer#__( name after the layer you want to replay)

a.       Add trigger that sayz…’show layer #_ _( specify) when timeline starts’

2.       Add Button to layer you wish to add replay functionality to

a.       Trigger it ( button) to point to newly created Replay layer

b.      Adjust Properties to ‘reset to initial state’


Create a Pause to a layer

1.       Create a layer called Pause- two options;

a.       Leave it blank allowing Base to show and allow click on base slide to re-enter layer

b.      Block base layer view and add buttons –set to trigger back to specific layer you came from

2.       Adjust layer properties set to ‘resume saved state’

See attached example.

ONE THING still needs clarification. The Replay Layer see the NOTES section. If an extra trigger is added to the base layer to change the state of an object on the replay layer the thing gets messed up. ( not necessary but makes it a bit fancier in that the a single Pause layer could be used for multiple layers)

Pause and Replay works fine as long as you keep it simple!




Tracy Oswald

Thanks for taking the time to reply and provide this great instruction. If you have time, can you help out with one more thing? I played your file and on Layer 3, where you ahve the replay icon, when the slide was over - I clicked it but the slide visuals didn't replay. 

Can you take a look and let me know? Thanks so much!

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