Pause timeline of base layer

Hi all,

i have created a course using the default player of storyline.

i have added layers and created a interactive page where the user needs to click a button on screen and shows a popup. the user can click the button any time when the slide play. also when the popup opens the base layer pause.

I have a issue that when we revisit the page the base layer time line does not pause when the popup layer is opened.

Can anyone please help me out for this.

i have created a dummy file with the same functionality and attached in this discussion for reference.

storyline version i am using is

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Greg Faust

Hi, Mayuresh.

If a layer is open when changing slides or revisiting slides, it causes issues in some cases. This is one of those cases.

To fix the problem in your example story, I added this trigger:

Hide Layer

Untitled Layer 1

When User Clicks

Next Button

I then moved the trigger up one space in the queue, so it is BEFORE the "Jump to Next Slide when User Clicks Next Button" trigger.

Does that help?