"Pause timeline on This Layer" pauses the timeline on every layer.

Hi, has anyone else run into this issue?

I have two layers, both have objects with exit animations, I pause their timelines before we reach those exit animations. When I click a button to show the other layer, whilst one is already open, it pauses both of them.


Any help would be much appreciated.

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chiefy .

Hi Emily,

I have attached a short example to this reply.

So we have layer 1 and 2, which both have animating elements on them. We also have a third layer which starts the animations by showing the layers.

We have a trigger on layer 2 which says, "after 5 seconds, pause this timeline". This is where the issue is appearing. Interestingly, on some investigation it appears that if the pause is triggered via a button, the whole thing works perfectly.

Working locally vs off a network has not made even the slightest difference to my issue, it was worth trying though.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gary and Diarmaid,

I do see that our QA team has this bug and has been doing some testing but no official fix yet. It seems that a potential workaround is to trigger the pause of the timeline using a button vs. based on the slide's timeline. 

Once we have additional information to share we'll report back here. 

chiefy .

I've encountered this bug again recently whilst building a course. In the one year and three months that this bug has been with your QA team (you do know QA stands for Quality Assurance, surely these issues should be passed on to your development team?), has anything been done to address the issue?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gary,

I do see that this issue has been reviewed by our team and they've tested some fixes, but I don't have any additional information to share in regards to a timeframe when that would be completed or if there would be an update. I would advise to continue using the workaround of using a button to pause the timeline. 

Luke Heathershaw

Is there any news on this bug yet?

This is a significant problem and I can't believe nothing's been done about it after coming up to TWO YEARS. Along with a similar bug in HTML5 that I logged and also haven't heard anything about yet...see here...this is getting beyond a joke.

For me, there's literally no point in using entrance/exit animations or animations in general on objects in layers as they need to pause and resume properly.

I can't use buttons to get around this issue for my particular project either, this really does need resolving. 

Brian Allen
frederik juel
Ah yes; another thread showcasing the excellent support for Articulate. Good job fixing the bug! Oh wait...

Still (bar none) the best support of any development tool that I've ever used, and for being a version 2 product Storyline (current bugs and all) is still by far my preferred tool to use. Find me a better tool with better support...

frederik juel

I think it's a very hard to quantify objectively. For me, so far, every time I've had an issue with Storyline 2; I've found year old threads, like this one, with people having the same problem as me. I could try inquiring support personally, but after reading a thread like this, I really don't have the motivation.

Luke Heathershaw

That's exactly why it's so frustrating that these bugs still haven't been fixed after such a long time.

I completely agree that Storyline 2 is a great product and given the choice I much prefer using it over its competitors, but these bugs are breaking fundamental features, such as layers and animations.

Obviously I don't know how issues/bugs are prioritised, but it just seems as though every time someone logs an issue, the reply is just that "it's been logged, we'll let you know when it's fixed"...even for issues that were logged years ago, such as this one, and nothing gets done about it.