'Pause timeline on this layer when the timeline starts on this layer' trigger doesn't pause the timeline on this layer.

Hi all,

I've set up a trigger to pause the timeline of a layer when the layer's timeline starts, basically to prevent audio on the layer to autoplay when the layer is displayed. There are several layers, each with their own audio file, and the base layer has buttons for each layer to show them, and there's a base layer trigger to show the first layer when the base layer timeline starts. Besides that, there are buttons on each layer to play, pause and restart the layer timeline (which, yes, is a double up of functions in the Modern template but I think the seekbar can be easily missed by the learner).

The trigger is literally: 'Pause timeline on this layer when the timeline starts on this layer' but it doesn't seem to be working. Has anyone encountered this???


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Jhuny Boy Borja

Hi Wendy. Here's an example. Which is behaves even more weirdly lol

So I started from scratch on the first slide to literally build what I described and it works as intended. Then I copied over the page from my story into this test one, stripped out everything except the functional bits, even replaced the audio so that both slides are using the same audio. But timeline still autoplays on those layers. EVen the audio is moved slightly from the beginning.

The only difference in the objects between the two slides are that one uses buttons and the other uses text boxes. Otherwise, all of the triggers are the same.

Must be just some weird Storyline quirk and I'll just have to rebuild this slide on my project from scratch. Odd...

Unless I'm missing something obvious.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Jhuny

the 'when timeline starts' action on a slide means when it initially starts. If a user leaves the slide and comes back to the slide the timeline restarts. 

Layers are all part of the same slide so the user isn't leaving the slide when the user moves to a layer so the base layer doesn't start again when a layer is closed it just resumes from where it was paused.

I didn't find that the layer timelines continued playing only the base which is expected behaviour the way it is set up.

Hope I've understood - if not please let me know.