Pause Timeline / Resume Timeline hiccup

I'm working on a revision to a slide that seems to have broken in the following way:  The timeline pauses for a learner interaction.  When the learner resumes the timeline, the audio picks up about 1 second before the pause... replaying that last second.  This is new and earlier versions of the slide did not do this.

I will fall back to an earlier version and rework the slide.  I was wondering if this was a known problem or previously reported?


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Stephanie Powner

Hi there

When I pause the timeline then 'resume the timeline' on the base layer by setting a variable on a different layer and watching for the value to change, the audio on the base layer goes back to the start.  I want it to pick up at the same point.  Is this a known issue?  Please could you let me know of it's obvious what i'm doing wrong.


Stephanie Powner

Thanks for the quick reply. I am using the conditional progress functionality in player so im trying to keep all the audio on the base slide so that once the audio on the base slide has completed the user can’t scrub backwards with the additional layer open as it would mess everything up. I have voiceover that covers the question (on the base slide) and also the option (shown on a layer) so I have audio that still needs to be played when the additional layer is shown . I want the audio to pause whilst the learner clicks a button to select one of two options. So in short(!) pausing the baseline via the layer settings wont work. Is it possible to remove the conditional . The resume timeline seems to be just what I need but I can’t get it to work. Thanks for your help.

Stephanie Powner

Hi Wendy

I can get the audio to pause ok but i can't get it to resume from the same point with the play media trigger - am i missing something please?  Also i have found that if I have a pause media trigger, I have to add a play media trigger right at the very start as the audio doesnt then automatically start.



Stephanie Powner

Hi Phil

Great, thank you for the help - it works fine.  Not sure where i was going wrong , so I'll copy your example.  One thing I have noticed on your example and also on this example is that the audio doesn't play on my iphone.  It would be a concern if the same thing happens on ipad etc as the course may be accessed on here and it would be a big problem if the audio didn't play.

Thanks again