pause timeline when video is paused

I need to find a way to pause the timeline when a embedded video is paused or a way to attach a trigger to an object. I have videos embedded from vimeo because the pre-loading of file videos was ridiculous and way to slow to present to a user. Therefore, I decided to stream and that works great, except triggers don't work on objects. I have 2 triggers that need to apply to the video layer. One sets a trigger value to true when the media completes, marking this slide as watched so when revisited another trigger redirects user to a unlocked with video controls. The second trigger changes the state of the next button to normal when media completes. It can't be linked to the timeline because that keeps running regardless of the video controllers being paused. I don't mind changing the files after published to achieve this but I haven't found anything that really works. There has to be some work around to achieve this. or is there a better way to add video files so they stream vs pre load?

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Richard Hill

 Your triggers are for internally stored movies.  They won't work it this situation.   A work around I've used was to cut up my movie and place each bit on a different slide internally embedded.  This gave me the control I needed, and the movie clips loaded quickly.  They also played seamlessly when one slide started after another.  Sorry hope this helps.

here's an example of that project.  The clips in question are the interactive ones with drag and drop overlaying video captures of 3d tools and prosthetics.   ( not the ones where the instructor is talking)



julie g.

that is how I set it up originally 9 slides with 7-15 min segments. I think the problem maybe that certain triggers send users to hidden slides that haven't loaded yet. However, I read articulate starts preloading the first 3 slides.  the first hidden slide is 1.2 but after I complete 1.1 and hit previous, it redirects to 1.2 and that is where the buffering is starting. Shouldn't that have already started to preload?