Pausing 60 sounds?

I am creating a "speaking" glossary. My approach is to add 60 sound objects to the timeline. I created a trigger to pause each sound file when the timeline starts, so they don't all play at once. It seems that I can silence 33 sound objects, but if I "show" 34, they all play at once.

I tried this with different groups of sounds, and it does seem to be dependent on the number. Frustrating.

Is there a limit to the number of media objects one can pause when timeline starts? Or am I missing something as usual?

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Nancy Woinoski

I've not heard of a limit on the number of media objects although media can impact processing and playback performance.

Maybe you could try putting each audio clip on a separate slide layer and then use triggers to launch the layer when clicked. This way you don't have to pass the media and don't have to worry about it all playing at once.

Stephen L. Colucci, Ph.d.

Thanks, Nancy-

Actually I solved the problem by putting "speaker" symbols next to each word and using "play sound from file" when clicked. Perfect. It puts the sound in the timeline, but the sound doesn't play until the trigger is clicked.

HOWEVER I have a new problem in that the scrolling text does not appear in HTML5????