Pausing and resuming the same video over multiple slides

Hello folks, I was wondering if anyone knew how /if this was possible...

I want a video to play out, after a few seconds a shape will appear and the learner will click it, this will move them onto the next slide. The next slide will have a quiz and the same video "paused" at whatever point the learner clicked on it on the previous slide.

When they answer the question they go to the next slide which continues to play the video, from where it was paused in the earlier slide... and so it carries on a few more times. Does this make sense? I can do this in slide layers easily but since it's a quiz I need it tracked and therefore need separate slides.

Basically I want to be able to pause the video, store a variable containing the value on the timeline of where the pause happened, and use that variable in other slides.

Is this possible?

Many thanks

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Brian Allen

I think it might be possible if you go back to the same slide each time for the video, which should resume playing where it left off.  Build layers on that slide that will take learners to your quiz question slides, but always take them back to the video slide to continue playing the video.