Pausing and Restarting Audio and Timeline on Slide Revisit with Custom Player

Sep 30, 2015


In a previous thread, I struggled with getting audio to pause on a revisit when using a custom player. I got that one figured out with help from the community, but another layer of complexity has been added to a more recent project that is challenging me again. I'm hoping someone in the community can help me work through this quandary as well!

In our current project, we not only want to pause the audio, but also the timeline. Here is how we would like the slide to function: On a first visit, the slide begins, and the audio and timeline begin. As soon as the user clicks the magnifying glass icon, the audio and timeline should pause, and the course should jump to the next slide. When the user closes the second slide, they are returned to the initial slide, and the audio and timeline should still be paused. When the user clicks the play icon at the bottom left of the screen, the audio and timeline should pick up where it left off.

For whatever reason, I can't get the audio to begin where it left off; it automatically restarts, but the timeline picks up where it left off. I've tried several different trigger configurations, and I'm not getting anywhere. It's like Storyline isn't respecting the "Resume saved state" setting. I feel like I have to be missing something, but I can't put my finger on it.

This is an issue we are encountering in multiple projects we have going right now, so I'm dying to solve it! Thanks in advance for putting your brain power to this issue!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lauren,

I'm confused by all your triggers associated with playing/pausing the audio and timeline - as if you remove those and let the slide work as normal, returning to the slide allows the audio and timeline to pick up where it left off based on the "resume saved state" property of the slide. Perhaps look at removing all the variable and timeline triggers and focus solely on the pause button you have on the slide and use the functionality here to pause the slide itself while the user is viewing it. 

Lauren Parker

Thanks, Ashley!

I tried deleting all the triggers that were not associated with the magnifying glass and pause icons, but the slide is still not functioning the way I'd like it to function. When the user clicks the magnifying glass to the next slide, and then clicks back to the original slide, the audio begins automatically playing again from the beginning of the clip. The way it should function is that the audio and timeline slide should still be paused on revisit, and the audio and timeline should pick up where it left off when the user presses the play icon.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lauren,

When i tested it I deleted them all and then added back in just the trigger for the "jump to next slide" when clicking on the magnifying glass. That's where it worked for me normally - and I didn't go much farther than that as I wasn't sure of all your additional elements. If you used that layer method - you could also show the layer prior to jumping to another slide and just only set it up to hide the layer when the user clicks the play button (on the layer). 

Lauren Parker

Hi Ashley,

I'm wondering if the example I sent was a little too basic to fully illustrate the issue we're having. I've attached a better demonstration of what we are doing. It seems like deleting all the triggers and only using the "jump to next slide" option breaks other things within the course, and doesn't achieve the paused audio/paused timeline on revisit state we want.

Each slide in this file has timed animation on it. When navigating using the breadcrumb trail OR the previous button, we want the user to return to a slide they have previously viewed and find the slide in a saved state. We'd like the audio to be paused and the timeline to be paused at the exact point at which the user left the slide. Only after the user presses the play icon should the audio and timeline begin playing, and again, they should begin at the point at which the user left the slide. Right now, most of the slides are functioning in a way that starts the audio over again from the beginning, but picks up where the timeline left off, or vice versa. I can't figure out why this is happening, as the triggers are set to pause the audio, not stop it completely, and I have triggers set to pause the timeline. 

We really don't want to reset each slide to initial state because we don't want the audio to automatically play when the user revisits a slide for the second, third, or fourth time. However, we really need the audio and timeline to be in sync on those second, third, and fourth revisits. I'm at a loss as to the way forward to achieve this. Your help is greatly appreciated!

Lauren Parker

Another note: We want the user to be able to pause the audio and timeline while they are on the slide as well. If they pause the audio and the timeline on one slide, when they advance forward to the next slide, the audio and the timeline should automatically be paused in that situation as well, even if they have not previously viewed this slide, and not play until the user clicks the play icon.

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