Pausing and resuming audio

I have a slide currently designed with a bit of intro text plus audio, then some buttons that viewers can hover over / click to see an image with new audio related to the new image. I have tried using layers and states to achieve this; both techniques seem to allow a similar effect.

I can pause the audio that was playing at the time of the click / hover, so that the new audio cuts in. But if the viewer does their clicking / hovering "too early", they miss the intro. By "too early", I mean before the intro stuff has completed.

Pausing media seems to stop the audio for good. I have not found a way of resuming from the break point or starting again when the viewer hovers away.  

I face a similar problem with wanting to cut the audio when I use markers that contain their own audio. I have not found a way of stopping the 2 part disharmony in this case.

On the other hand, whilst it would good to know if it's possible to do this kind of stuff, perhaps in this case my design is just not appropriate to the situation.

Comments and advise would, as usual, be appreciated.



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