Pausing Feature


I recently created a 250+ slide course using screen recordings across multiple topics for clients to learn about the banks online banking platform. It has been requested to add a pause feature however there doesn't appear to be a simple solution. I am aware of the trigger to 'Pause Media' however this wont work in this instance as it is utilising screen recordings broken down to step-by-step so it is not one long video clip that a simple 'pause media' trigger would work for.

The only solution I have been able to find is to add a 'Pause' layer that is called by a trigger that has the properties set to 'Pause the Base Layer'. Then on this layer it has a play button which hides the Pause layer and the show continues. This works fine but replicating across 250+ individual slides is not my idea of a viable solution.

Does anyone else have any other methods they have used that have worked well on screen recordings? I would be interested in your thoughts no matter how weird or whacky.

I have submitted a product request to see if this can be added in the future but we wait and see.




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