Pausing the timeline/ video without using a pause button


I have a video which I need to pause at the start before any interaction takes place.  Currently, when the user enters the screen for the first time the slide plays the video, I do not want this.  I would like the user to enter the slide, the timeline/ video to pause, the user reads the information being presented and then clicks on a certain area for the video to play.  Is this possible?



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Gerry Wasiluk

Another option is with a layer.

Have the information they need to read on a layer, along with a button to close the layer, which you can label something like "Proceed."

Then add a trigger to the slide that opens the layer when the timeline starts for the slide.

Then, for the properties of the layer, set them to pause the timeline of the base layer so the video does not play while the learner is reading the info on the layer.

Jodie Reading

Thank you!

Is there anyway I can add failure captions?  So, say the user clicks on the wrong area I want a pop up to arrear saying try again.

Also, is there anyway that a hand cursor can be turned off?  I don't want the correct area to be obvious to the user.  At the moment when the user moves their mouse over the correct area the mouse pointer turns into a hand which makes where to click pretty obvious.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Gerry, thanks for this alternate solution. I knew about pausing the video with movie tools, but hadn't thought about doing this, and I imagine there will be situations where I'd want to take care of something in a similar way.

Jodie, is this a separate question? Can you provide a little more info about the scenario?