pb with variables and cue points


I 've put some cue point all along a video in Storyline 3.

Triggers are:

- when the timeline reaches cuepoint1 then  variable c1 is equal to 5

- when the timeline reaches cuepoint2 then variable c1 is equal to 10 ...etc....

My problem is when I rewind or go forward if c1 is equal to 5, variables increases. It means that when I go back before the cuepoint1 variable c1 is equal to 5 + 5 so 10. I don't understant why becausethe trigger still timeline reaches cuepoint1 then variable c1 is equal to 5.

Any idea?

p.s.: sorry for my english :)


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Walt Hamilton

It would be easier to know if you could attach the slide, but here is one guess. If you are advancing or going back in the video using the video seekbar, that does not change the slide timeline. The video goes back, but the slide timeline is still past the cue point, so isn't reset.

My solution to this is that when I need to use a video, I start the video at the start of a new slide and do not use the video timeline. That way, I can use the slide timeline to act as the video timeline, and the two of them are always in synchronization. All the elements on the slide, all the activities, and the video all think it is the same time and when the video ends, I start a new slide.