PC Capacity

Aug 30, 2013

Hi. I am working on a 85 pages software simulation. I am using a 32 bit system with 4 GB RAM. No extra video card.

Is that too low capacity? Be cause every time I save the document it takes too long to actually save it. And is not like I do too many changes. Just a couple.

So now I am affraid of  this course not to run on learner's computers if their connection is too low. I can get a bigger computer, but I have to make sure that the course is gonna be seen no problems on slow connection computers.

I am only using the step-by-step mode, both try and test. They are only screenshots, but I understand that a video was recorded as well and it does use RAM when working on Storyline, even if I finally don't use it.

We can upgrade the equipment capacity, but will it be enough?


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Alexandros Anoyatis

Hi Javier,

Saving and viewing is completely different. My guess is all of what you are experiencing is normal behavior. Saving does take long indeed for an 85 slide simulation. Publishing may also take a while. However I don't think your learners will experience much slowness  when they actually view the finished module.


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