PDF 404 - SF LMS

Hello,  I have a trigger built into my piece so that when they click on a link - it will open up a pdf.   I've used this function previously without issue. 

Here is the rub:  we have moved to a new LMS (SuccessFactors) - and I have loaded this course - but the pdf is not loading.  Rather, it's giving us a 404 error (not found).   

The system appears to be attempting to redirect the Learner to our share drive where the document is actually stored . . .it should be directing it to the copy that was exported into the SCORM file.  

Thoughts on how to resolve?

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Vincent Scoma

Hi Lucy,

Thank you for reaching out and letting us know! 

There could be a few reasons why that error message is appearing. I wanted to share a resource with you where different solutions were shared that I hope will help! This community thread should point you in the right direction: