pdf documents in storyline

Hi, I am very very new to all this! What I'm trying to do is insert this document file:///C:/Users/JaneWhitaker/OneDrive%20-%20Early%20Years%20Scotland/Course%20Development/Schemas/Top%20Tips%20for%20Parents%20-%20Schemas.pdf

as readable scrolling text in a slide which I can then import to rise360. I know how to do the import, it's the slide creation I'm struggling with. Any step by step help, for absolute tech twits, would be very much appreciated!

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Math Notermans

In fact this is quite easy making use of WebObjects.
Showing it in steps:

Step 1)
Create a local folder on your desktop/HD... with a specific name and an basic html ( index.html ) and the PDF you want to show in it. Something like seen below...


Step 2)
Open the index.html in any text- or html-editor. I use Sublime editor because it is good, but Notepad works too. You will just miss the syntax-coloring and have to watch for typos.

Add code like this...
<object data="Top Tips - Fun with Music.pdf" type="application/pdf" width="100%" height="100%">
<p><a href="Top Tips - Fun with Music.pdf"></a></p>
and ensure your PDF-name is in the data and href tags. Retype your code. DO NOT copy it from here... the forum can fuzz up specific signs like "'. Thats one of the reasons i use Sublime. It shows error messages when making typos.


Step 3)
Insert a Web Object in Storyline and select the local folder you created the html and PDF in.


Step 4)
It should show similar to this. Scale and position your Web Object as wanted.


Step 5)
Publish and preview... your done.


Hope this helps,