PDF file not opening in published course

I'm hoping someone can help as this is driving me crazy!

I have added a button with a trigger to jump to URL/File.  I have browsed for the PDF file which is stored on my c drive.  When I publish the course, the file can't be found.  When I go back to the story file and click on the Check URL/File option, I get a message saying Invalid URL or file not found.  What is happening?

I have been able to add the same file to the resources and it opens correctly. 

Any ideas please? 

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Patti Bryant


Here are the 2 things I would check:

  1. Is the link as follows: 'documentname.doc' - There shouldn't be anything else listed here.
  2. After publishing the course, did you copy the .doc file to the published folder (root)? You have to copy the .doc file to the published folder each time.

Let me know if you have any questions, or if this helps.

Keepin' the joy,

Sally Matson

Thanks Patti, I was just coming on to delete this as I have now resolved it. 

I browsed to the file which was on my desktop but realised it was adding a file path that was long and random (my company laptop is set up in a way that links content back to a server rather than my C drive).  I moved the file directly to my C drive, re-linked it and it now works!  I suppose all of the weird characters in the address path were causing the issues.