PDF not visible properly

May 21, 2018

PDF controls are missing in the Articulate Storyyline 3 Output. I am testing in Chrome inly html5 output.

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Joe Tansengco


I tried attaching a PDF file in my project that exceeded the Window size and was able to make the scroll bar controls appear by selecting 'Default' instead of 'Full Screen'. This way, the system detects that the displayed file is not the same size as the player and triggers the scroll bars.

Also, a reported workaround that worked is if you locked your Player size to a fixed size and not enable the "Scale player to fill browser?" setting. I would suggest first disabling this setting if it is currently enabled and seeing if this resolves the issue.



Alyssa Gomez

Sorry you're hitting this, Ravindra. We've got this problem logged as a software bug, and our team is looking into a solution.

To be sure you're seeing the same problem we're seeing, can you help me with a few details?

  • Is the PDF embedded on a slide, on a layer, or in a lightbox?
  • Does this problem only happen in Google Chrome, or any browser?
  • Is the problem resolved if you lock the player at the optimal size?
Ravindra Gardi

Thanks for Reply:, below are the my observations:

1. PDF is in Layer

2. Yes it is happening only on chrome but some animations are not working in Edge and IE example: Wipe, so it is show difficult to choose one browser  

3. No, even if we lock the player at the optimal size still it is not working.

This problem is in only HTML5 output, in case i use the flash only output it is working fine in all the browsers but this is not what we are looking at. Please suggest the solution.

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