pdf or rtf file - how can I get this content into Storyline

Mar 14, 2014

I have a .rtf file made on MS Word that I want inserted on a slide.  As it takes up almost an entire page on Word, I want students to then be able to zoom in on it.  How do I get the .rtf file onto a slide? 

I know Storyline doesn't accept pdfs.

I tried to save as a web object .htm, but it this isn't the correct file format either.  The tutorial says "(Note: There must be a file called index.htm or index.html in the folder you select, and any supporting files that are necessary for your web content to function must be in the same folder.)"

Does anyone know how to do this?  I am really inexperienced with this and would sincerely appreciate the help.

I attached the file if anyone wants to look at it.



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Kerry Sauer

Wow Michael.  Thank you!  I  was hoping to actually have the text displayed directly onto the slide, but what you have done is good, too.

I did some research on the Storyline forum before I started this and a couple people said that inserting the pdf into Storyline was not possible - I assume they meant incorporating the actual text  onto the slide.   So, I will use your way of doing it. 

I know I probably sound really ignorant, but if you are willing to answer a couple more questions -

what is the difference between having it open in a new browser window and inside Storyline as a web object?

More importantly, HOW did you get it inside AS as a web object?

Many many many thanks,


Michael Hinze

Hi Kerry, you are correct, short of cut&paste the CONTENT of a RTF or pdf file cannot be directly imported into Storyline. At least you can DISPLAY the content, using one of the options I showed. Opening the file in a web object vs. a new browser window is more about aesthetics than functionality. If you prefer not to 'bounce' learners around various browser windows, then a web object may be the way to go.

For my quick example, I uploaded the pdf to my server and used the pdf's URL. If you want to include a local file in a web object, you could create a simple index.htm page that redirects to that pdf file. Hope that makes sense.

Bob S

Hi Kerry,

There are a couple of other options too...

Open your document in your favorit PDF editor/creator such as Adobe Acrobat (not Reader) or Serif's Page Plus or most others. Then do a Save As and selct an image file like JPEG or PNG... takes literally 20 seconds and one click.  You can bring the image into Storyline like any other and apply the effects.

Or, use Adobe Acrobat XI specifically and do a Save As to a PowerPoint file. Then you can edit it in PowerPoint and import from there.

In either case, you will be using PDF creator/editor software which most ID's already have in their toolbox.

Hope this helps,


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