PDF/PowerPoint files flash Open-Close using a link.

We are having an issue with Storyline where when opening a PPT file embedded/linked it flashes then closes immediately.  The problem seems to be random on some user machines and others not.  Also, it frequently happens for with PPT files and only occasionally with PDFs.

A post from several years ago describes this issue, but really no resolution.  Other than knowing it is most likely user settings per computer, does anyone have any insight to help me resolve this issue?

As of now the only work around is holding in the CTRL button to force open a document.

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We are publishing to LMS. 

It is hard for me to test because it works on my computers and most others I work with.  It only seems to happen when opening a file in a third party program, i.e. Microsoft PowerPoint.

Older post:  http://archives.articulate.com/forums/articulate-presenter/10839-hyperlinks-pdfs-not-working-internet-explorer.html


Leslie McKerchie

If you are unable to replicate the issue, and it is not happening to all users, it does seem like a user/computer related issue and not Articulate software related.

There was some very helpful information in the thread you shared about browser security issues as well.

Perhaps someone in the community will have some insight.