PDFs in the Resources section return errors

Hi Gurus,

Whenever I upload PDFs to the Resources section in Storyline 2.0, I receive the folowing errors when I click on them: "AccessDeniedAccess".

I think it is some kind of privilege or sharing problem with the PDF. Does anyone know what the rules are for this, or what I need to do to documents to get them to download properly when my module is in Litmos LMS and getting these errors?



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Victoria Sublette

I tested the privileges for the PDF and they are fine (no restrictions on securities).

I then made sure my browsers were optimised to view PDFs: https://helpx.adobe.com/acrobat/using/display-pdf-in-browser.html

When I upload a PDF and view it directly in Litmos, it opens fine. It only gives me errors when I try to open the same document from the Resources tab in Storyline 2.0 in Litmos.

Jo Lamontagne

Just a quick one on this...if I add a file from my C:/drive to the Resources section, does this make the file available to all those who are accessing the elearning, or will they need access to my C:/drive?


I've also experienced the AccessDeniedAccess error, and wondering if it's the characters or the file itself that is the problem.


Meanwhile, I'm going to look in to the use of the SCORM Cloud, as I've never used this before and wondering if it can help gain favour with the Tech Support :) 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jo!

They will not need access to your personal drive as the file will attach to the project during publishing.

SCORM Cloud is just a great tool we utilize for testing when publishing to the LMS environment. It allows us to determine if an issue a user is experiencing is related to the course or to the LMS.

Here is a great article on the subject.