People's Feedback on Articulate Storyline 2

From your own experience how has Articulate Storyline 2 worked as far a user friendly, editing content, getting up to speed and dynamic performance. I am starting out looking at different options for e-learning tools and read 3 party blogs but would love to hear back from present users. Positives and maybe the short coming if possible.


Thank you in advance!


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Marc Nieuwhof

As a complete n00b into the eLearning world I tried Captivate 8 and Storyline 2.

After half an hour I figured Storyline was the tool for me.
It looked familiar (Office interface) but it also has some really smart features to make a very interesting eLearning module.

Nice things:

Ease of use, small learning curve!
Office interface
Story view
Slide layers
Object states
Publishing options.Performance
SUPER SUPPORT (Tutorials, eLearning heroes), really helped me a lot!

Missing things:

No audio(clip) normalization
No noise gating on audio(clip)
No video editing (cutting bad parts from your screencast) you always must do your screencast in one take (in a Capture to single slide scenario).
Only the start of object timelines can be attached to Cue points, not the end.
You can't zoom out a complete timeline when the time line of the slide is very long (e.g. 3 minutes or more)
Grouping triggers and be able to trigger that group at once.

Well, that's a wrap ;)

Having it a lot of fun with Storyline 2. Now I have a collegue how has started using Storyline too.
He's also very enthousiastic about the ease of use of the program!

Keep up the good work!