Peoplesoft ELM, Storyline 2 and Question/Response Level Data -- integration question

Is anyone using Storyline 2 to get question level information into the Peoplesoft ELM ( Enterprise Learning Management ) (e.g. the Peoplesoft LMS)? SCORM or Tin Can API should allow for granular information (i.e. -- x student answered question y with response z)--I need to know its possible to capture that level of assessment detail in the PS ELM.


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Jeremy Dourley

I just subscribed to this feed as well.  It amazes me that the ability to get question level data is so difficult.  Any knowledge check is only as effective as the quality of the question.  Without question level analysis, the validity of the knowledge evaluation is of questionable validity. 


Michael Maier

I got some information from Oracle on this topic.

The latest build of Peoplesoft ELM 9.1 and ELM 9.2 can capture SCORM 2004 information. The application currently doesn't have a nice interface to report the information back out--therefore you would need to report from the tables or build custom reports using Peoplesoft tools such as BI publisher or PS Query.

I will confirm when we have successfully setup an Articulate Assessment using SCORM 2004. 

So far it looks promising. 

Michael Maier


I just wanted to highlight this info from a previous reply "The latest build of Peoplesoft ELM 9.1 and ELM 9.2 can capture SCORM 2004 information. The application currently doesn't have a nice interface to report the information back out--therefore you would need to report from the tables or build custom reports using Peoplesoft tools such as BI publisher or PS Query."

We are just finishing our upgrade to 9.2 so hopefully in November I can report on our successful use of SCORM 2004. 


Michael Maier

The LMS does capture the question level information. 

  • We published Storyline 2 courses using SCORM 2004 version 3
  • We did need to create special reports (2) to pull the data out; Nothing fancy--more or less rows of information. 
    • I've worked in other organizations where we've done more formating of the data using crystal reports. I'm not sure the reporting tool used in PeopleSoft. 


  • The interface for SCORM 2004 is a little different; here of course navigation buttons that appears in the upper left of the LMS frameset that we thought was a glitch. It's not; it's how the LMS handles these types of course. 

That's about it. 

Bottom line: SCORM 2004 works in the Peoplesoft ELM 9.2. =)

Michael Maier


We have some courses that are using the SCORM 2004. Since we can't control those extra control elements our workaround was to write additional instructions into how to finish the course. There are still people who get tripped up by it (ie don't read the instructions carefully enough).

The people who field calls on this (Help Desk or people on our team) know how to walk people through the proper steps to exit the course. 


Robert Edgar

Hi Michael,

I'm using Storyline 360, with SCORM 2004, in ELM 9.2

I need to be able to force a suspend string commit to save the string to the LMS server.

With SCORM 1.2, I added a layer to a given screen, then added the Javascript LMSCommit(). this forced a save to the server.

I believe LMSCommit() has been changed to Commit() in SCORM 2004.

However, I haven't been able to force a saving of the suspend string to the LMS server. I believe I am having a problem addressing the API. 

Do you have any suggestions for how I might ammend my Commit() call in Storyline?



Michael Maier

Hi Robert

It's been a while since I've had to think about this issue so unfortunately I don't have an answer to your question. I would start by trying to talk with someone at PeopleSoft. The person I had tracked down at the time was James Kelley at Oracle. In 2015 he was the person who was able to answer my ELM questions. Not sure if this still holds true. 

Good luck.