Percentage obtained on result slides

I am editing a course that consists of 4 evaluations that jump randomly when the student starts the test.

Each evaluation has a results slide that calculates the answers and there is a final slide that collects the 4 results slides.

The result you get divides the value by 4, so that if you do an evaluation perfectly you get only 25%. How can I get each evaluation of a result over 100?

Thank you very much,


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Crystal Horn

Hi Angela!  I'll try to help.  If I understand correctly, your users are only taking one of the 4 quizzes.  Your final results slide, if it tracks all 4 other results slide, will always show the default score of 25%.  

With some custom design though, you could create another variable (e.g. userscore) and text reference to show their actual score on the quiz they took.  You would set the new variable's value based on the results.scorepercent values for each quiz (e.g.  adjust variable userscore to equal 100% if results.scorepercent is equal to 100% OR if results1.scorepercent is equal to 100%, etc).  

Let me know if that gets the wheels turning!