Percentage score displayed in Cornerstone (LMS) incorrect

Sep 04, 2014


I have built a module in Articulate Storyline with a quiz and have set the completion status as Complete / Incomplete and SCORM 1.2 as the output. I have created a Retry Quiz button on the results slide so the user can retry without having to exit the module. However, when I retry the quiz and score 100% on the second attempt the percentage displayed in Cornerstone shows as 90% even though the score shows 100.

Does anyone know if there is a fix for this or is there a setting that I need to use in Storyline to ensure the score displays correctly once it is published in Cornerstone.



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Emily Ruby

Hello Nardiah and welcome to Heroes!

Some LMS only record the first score on a quiz. You may need to check with your LMS team about this.

Have you tried testing this in the SCORM Cloud to determine if it is something specific to your LMS?

This is the industry standard for testing and a free option.

You can look here for information about how to troubleshoot the LMS's reporting and tracking, and here is a link to a thread about Cornerstone, where you might be able to get some tips.

Andrew Channell

Hi Nardiah,

Did you ever find a solution to this? We are having the exact same problem as you. We use Storyline almost exclusively and have not had this issue with any of our other courses. The only difference is that the course that is giving us problems is a SL1 course. We tried upgrading it to SL2, but that caused even more problems.


Nardiah Higgins

Hi Andrew,

Do you still need assistance with this? Sorry I have been on maternity
leave. We have a couple of solutions we used that may assist, if you
still need assistance let me know and I can send them through to you.

Nardiah Higgins
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Andrew Channell

Hi Nardiah,

I would be interested in hearing what worked for you.

We did everything we could think of, including deleting all the quiz slides and recreating them from scratch, but nothing worked. We chalked it up to some random error or corrupt data in the .story file itself.

At the end of the day, we decided to rebuild the course by importing the slides from one project into another, and that worked.


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