Performance Support Module - Disaster Classification

Aug 10, 2016

Hey all,

Quick question. I am currently developing a Performance Support Module that helps users determine Disaster classification levels (1-5) and the corresponding Response structure. 

Right now I have a scene with 3 slides (large, moderate, small), and another scene with low, medium, high. Each slide has a button for true and another for false. If you select true you move to the second scene (low, medium high) and I adjust the boolean value to true, if you select false you cycle through large, moderate, small.


Now, in the low, medium, high scene you can select true or false as well. False cycles you through the options. True Should take you to a third scene with the 5 Disaster classification levels. example: You select true for large scale and true for high you go to the slide about Major responses. If you click moderate scale and low, you go to the slide on local Responses.


For some reason, this last step (clicking the low, medium, high set of true and false buttons to take you to the appropriate Disaster level) isn't working.


If anyone understands what I am saying and has any advice, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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