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Girard Bourgeois

Leslie,  "Submit All Answers at Once" did provide for my needs wonderfully. I added a slide also with a Radio button 1 warning about "unanswered questions" . The button "takes them back to Slide one to review and respond to "unanswered" ?.  Thanks a great  deal,  It would be great if the Left NAV pane would high lite in a different font color unanswered questions. (see attached)

Finally Do you think there is "topic" out there for setting a "fixed time interval" to complete the quiz.


Girard Bourgeois

Ok This worked but I could not find this "Result Slide Properties " page for an existing result slide. (see attached)I had to delete it and install a new result slide that showed the "end quiz after" selection during set up. The attached picture is what I see in story view for result properties.