persistent crashing when copy from Word > right-click to use paste option

This is update 9. This issue is so persistent that I am at a standstill with proceeding with a fairly large project with a looming deadline. Has anyone else experienced a copy/paste lockup issue like this? If you have how have you solved it? I'm downloading 10 even though it isn't listed as one of the bug fixes. I'll post back when I test it. 

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Michael Shannon

This is an editing job. Some lengthy references have to be swapped out. I did find a work-around. At least it's working for now. It's strange but it works. 

  1. Select text in SL and hit a letter key to remove the paragraph and change it to a letter.
  2. In Word select and copy the text.
  3. In SL Ctrl+A, Ctrl+V.
  4. I can then do the rest of my edits and it hasn't locked up yet.
Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Michael,

I went through the steps as you described here and I didn't have any difficulties with Storyline or Word crashing. You'll want to confirm you're working on local project files as well and if Storyline keeps crashing I'd advise pulling the error logs as detailed here so that you can upload to our Support Engineers to investigate further. 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Michael! I would recommend utilizing the instructions that Ashley shared above to reach out to our support team. When you send the error report, this is not associated with user for us to follow up with, but is moreso for the overall status of the software and to be alerted to any bigger performance issues. By reaching out to our support team directly, you can get the assistance needed.