Persistent Variables

Can anyone help or point me to a reference on storing variables from session to session of a Storyline program?  Basically, I have created slider controls to record individual's self assessments in various categories (10 point Likert scale).  Using the control's variable I will create another variable to calculate the average of the entries and would like to store this value from session to session so that each time a user runs the program they can make their selection, have that added to the cumulative average, and see a display of the accumulated averages for each category.  Thanks!

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Mike B.


SL will save the values of variables, except for the values on the slide you are on when you exit (I consider this a bug). For this reason, I ended up making an "Exit" slide. If my user clicks "Save & Exit" in my course, they are taken to another slide which informs them that their progress has been saved, and presents them with a "resume" button and an "exit" button.

Check out the example here: