Personalized Learning through Quiz Responses

In Storyline 2, is it possible to develop customized formulas/variables that dictate a need for additional learning in a particular area based on the scores they received on particular quiz questions.

For example, you have 10 final questions at the end of your module. Three (3) are based on Topic 1, Three (3) on Topic 2 and Four (4) on Topic 3. The person scored really well on questions relating to Topics 2 and 3 but bombed Topic 1 questions. Can the software allow for writing tags and variables that state that if a person doesn't do well on questions 1-3, then give them this hidden module for additional practice?

I suppose one could separate the test questions to appear after the topic concludes but I am curious of this type of personalized learning is available yet.

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Brandi

you could set up the information on your result slide with links back to the content if you wanted to.

You'd need to have a variable for each quiz question so you knew if it was answered correctly, then on the result slide show 

You achieved the following results:

1 out of 3 for Topic 1                Button (Review topic 1 content) - show or hide this button

3 out of 3 for Topic 2                Button (Review topic 2 content) - show or hide this button

3 out of 4 for Topic 3                Button (Review topic 3 content) - show or hide this button