Phantom button behaviour after upgrading files to Storyline 2 - HTML 5 only

May 19, 2015

I've just installed the latest build of Storyline 2, and now I'm finding some weird behaviour on buttons when I update existing programs from SL1 and view the HTML5 output. 

When I have a button on a layer, after I have visited that layer then return to the base layer, the button behaviour is still active. This means that my base layer now acts like there are hotspots on it when there is nothing there. It also means that if I have buttons in the same position on the base layer, at best they are inoperative and at worst they perform an unwanted action.

There is a way to disable the unwanted button behaviour, which is to go to every layer and change the settings to 'reset to initial state'. It's a major pain in the backside on a large course with a lot of layers though.

I will attach sample files from before and after updating to SL2.

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Tess - Sorry to hear you are experiencing difficulties, however, I tested your files and I do not see anything out of the ordinary by the way your file is set up. Do you want the buttons on the base layer to work differently when returning to the base slide, or should they still work the same when they return to the base layer? I'm not sure I am understanding the issue correctly. 

Tess Curnow

Hi Christie, are you viewing the storyline 2 file output in HTML5?

The problem doesn't occur in the flash output and I've only noticed it since the latest SL2 update.  Most of our users only have access to the HTML5 output, so it is a real problem. 

As described above, after visiting other layers, when I return to the base layer, the button actions from the layers are carried onto the base layer, so they behave like hotspots, even though there is nothing there. 

I've attached a zip file containing the published SL2 file content. If you look at the HTML5 file, you'll see what I mean.

Thanks for looking into it.

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