Phantom 'Next' buttons when importing stories into a larger master story

Morning everyone. We develop our courses in individual 'modules' and then import them into a master course. This allows us flexibility to tailor courses to client requirements. One thing (all) of us have noticed is that when you import one story to another, you tend to get 'phantom' next buttons or transitions appearing in the master course. 

This tends to take quite a bit to QA when your course is 2 hours long. 

Has anyone else noticed this? We have checked the original files against the master and it seems to be a random occurrence.

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MIke Bowie

Alyssa, thanks for replying. It's not so much that it's just that when I I import the story there is only 1 trigger going to the next slide (for example 'next slide when timeline ends etc). Sometimes it just seems to add in either another trigger saying a similar thing or adding a random 'go to next slide when next button is pressed' (even though it wasn't there before).

I thought it was my mistake but my colleague verified the same thing happening completely independently this morning.