Phantom Sound...

OK, so I put a sound effect onto my slide. The little speaker symbol is there and the sound effect is working. HOWEVER, I'd like to turn the sound down on it, but now I can't click on it. It's not showing up on the timeline it's showing up ghosted in the other layers. It exists, it works... but I can't edit it or even delete it.

Has anybody had this problem before? I even tried copying the slide and trying the copied version, but no luck. It's as if this sound doesn't exist, but  yet, I can't get rid of it!

BTW, it's a REALLY complicated slide, so I'd rather not rebuild it.


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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hey Gina,

I"m signing off, but I happened to see this and was curious. Just an FYI: for me, there are two speaker icons on the base layer, offstage to the left. I can click on the top one and adjust the volume/edit, etc.

I canNOT do anything with the other icon. It's like it's really not there! Except it is. Weird!

I like the layout...with the man at a desk and the other person "somewhere" but we can get a "bird's eye view" looking at him through the window. Tx for sharing!

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Wait, the phone didn't ring for some reason the first time I played this. Now I see what you're talking about. Very strange!. If someone can figure this out, I'd also like to know 'sup. If not, I'd send it up to Articulate.

The only way I can figure to redo it is to start a blank slide and copy paste all the items onto it and then copy paste all the triggers from the trigger panel on the original slide to the new slide so you don't have to completely start from scratch. Really weird! (until I find out it's something simple that I'm missing )