Philosophical Question - More slides or more layers

Mar 03, 2015

Say I have 50 options. Will I be happier if I put them all on one slide with 50 layers, or if I make 5 slides with 10 layers each, or 50 slides?

For example, I know that if I want to export to Word and print it, it makes very little difference, because it defaults to print layers. The only reason I can see to prefer slides in this case is that the slides would print in order, and I'm not sure what order is used to print layers.

But what happens when it gets to some of the less robust formats, like HTML5 or the iPad app?

Don't ask me what I'm trying to do; I'm not trying to do anything. I just want to know something about the underpinnings of the program. I want to know which design method is less likely to overwhelm SL and the end browsers or apps and how many is too many objects, interactions, triggers, layers, slides.

In the back of my mind is the thought that if I make a slide too complex, it may look good on my robust desktop, but overwhelm some of the more vulnerable environments. Does anybody know or have any guesses or experience?

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Stephanie Smith

I know I'm a few years late in providing my input, but I had a similar question related to file size. I tested it out by making two storyline files. One file had 1 slide with 10 identical layers (each layer had a text box, a video, and a next button) and the other file had 10 slides (these slides were identical to the layers used in the other file).

I found that the size difference was less than 1%, in favor of layers:

    A course that is 1 slide with 10 layers: 50mb

    A course that is 10 slides, no layers: 50.4mb

Keep in mind, this test was done as either 100% layers or 0% layers. Most courses will be somewhere between those extremes, which would further dilute the size impact of using layers or just more slides. 

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