Photo Slideshow - endless loop [DEMO and SOURCE]

May 15, 2015

In my Next Level Design workshop I have a segment on thinking differently about design when using Storyline Layers. Before these sessions I take time to look at company websites of some of the participants and look for interactions or browsing experiences that can be recreated in Storyline. 

This week a participant from City Furniture attended. On their site at the bottom of the page of each major category is an interactive photo slideshow that horizontally scrolls through 6 images, 3 at a time in an endless loop.


A little study and a couple hours later...


Source (Storyline 2)

Source (Storyline 3/360)


  • 6 images
  • 12 layers
  • 1 motion path per layer (12)
  • no variables
  • That's it!

Easy to re-use as a slideshow with 6 photo images. No need to change anything other than right-click on each image and "Change Picture..." Then redesign the slide to visually fit in your own projects.

Due to the Motion Path animation, this is only available in Storyline 2.

Finally, the "KEY" in the demo and source is of no value other than a way to keep track of the animation sequences while developing. Keep or delete as it has not affect on the interaction. I kept it in as it 'may' be of value in a future project.


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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Laurie - This thread is a bit dated. Hopefully Kevin is still subscribed, but if you do not hear from him - you are welcome to reach out via the 'Contact Me' option on the user profile to see if this is a file he may still have.

You may find some helpful links here in the meantime. Any files you see for SL1 or SL2 can be upgraded for SL360.

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